I am a soul returning close to the single authentic source threading the path of mysticism in the occurrence of a combined peace, joy, compassion or love. My agony between competing forces of light and dark, and positive marked division between the material kingdom, the administration of evil forces, and the higher spiritual kingdom from which it is divided. My words may seem to confuse and unclear, at the same time over-simplified and full of subtle meanings hidden from the naive.

My words are very easy to know, and easy to practice; but there is none in the world who can recognize and capable of practice them.
A dimensional fluctuation amid one construction of reality to another. I am crossed a path by sin, shame, remorse.
Repentance, awareness of lower-self attachments and dervishes giving up the thoughts and behaviors is now the necessity for reinstating unity and grace.
Mortification and dejection, defamation and allegation, abundant lives breathed, none could grasp me and in this way my voyage demands further obligation.
My ancestry and individuality is of free spirit. I question if this is a joy. The joy is of mankind shuns and Almighty embraces. That is the joy in the departure from the material release. (2009)

"Religious truth is the inner meaning of the law revealed in the heart of the Sufi by the Divine Light."

In terms of the Ultimate Reality or Truth, I have now come to reject the very basis of "manifestation" and in doing so all systems of thought and knowledge in reference to it is invalid

According to my experience there is nothing to understand about enlightenment as enlightenment is the way of enlightenment itself.

The subject of enlightenment – or anything else – did not interest me all my life ………….. My life-story can be separated into the three catastrophe parts. The first part of my life with Human experience. The second part of my life experienced a Bodily experience with a discontinuity from my human life with the ongoing bodily experience – though not absence – of thought. But I lost all connectivity with the acquired knowledge and memories, and I was made to re-learn everything, as if the slate had been wiped clean.

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The misconception

The conception of a human fetus through the deposits in the centers is a supernatural dwell in the physical body coordinating all the countless functions we perform in life, such as walking, talking, eating, sleeping, working, playing, etc.
Moreover it provides ego, intellect and will, and generates every function; process and event associated with the dark and execute this existence. Our body together before birth holds it together and let it decompose and infuses them in the physical body. At this point, our entire life is deliberately reactivated, to make the effect upon us known as Self-realization.

The evolution of each is mirrored by this creative swing into perception of duality and ignorance while reactivation swings back to cosmic knowledge. According to evolution a journey of only about three feet from the base of the spine to the top of the head estimated a thousand years to accomplish the task. Later you move out of a world which is totally different from our modified fact that called as Kundalini, a state which may be demonstrated of a 180- degree switch in the chakras entangled in the illusion of the transformation of God into human being, instigated by God.

our complex network of minute astral tubes called nadis, through which our ignorance of over many lifetimes, become increasingly clogged with our own toxins caused by unhealthful diet, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, nervous tension, etc., . removed, in order to purify our instrument thus preventing a possibly dangerous psychic overload.

The only way these impurities can be removed from is through burning; they must be burned away. By far the hottest and most effective fire in the human body is the self, and can systematically work from inward, resulting from a movement of daily cleansing.

A concealed illness is rooted out and eliminated from the system forever. As blockages are burned away, they often overstress briefly before becoming consumed in fire. If the obstacle is suddenly racing wildly it may become hot that do us harm. The closer the process the more we find our daily life becoming a reflection of this Three-Foot Journey.

The spiral spine, intersecting all the way up to the top is a representation of the negative that goes inside us into the actual pathway and eventually merge inside us. Lying coiled at the base of the spine, unleash its power upward, piercing and stimulating along the way. As the plane of existence become “unknown” to us we gradually find our own force reached the core. The Creation, clog our instrument and separates our own being and tells us, it’s our karma leaving humanity in a real fix, for no one ever reach full perfection…. humankind forever deprived of having Realized on earth long enough to share the tragic experience — If we bear in mind the misconception that like kings we reside upon garbage dumps; dressed in royal robes, have gone naked or even smeared bodies with filth material wealth and yet in the possession of a great pythons.

The scriptures perfected in filth and represent the highest evolutionary ancient texts, for each is one cycle. All the gods and goddesses viewed as representations of certain power filled with the very source of power.
We all know exactly one spark in a life mysterious and full of unknowns; suddenly turn the street suffering from the most miserable affliction ever visited upon humankind. The disease is called Ignorance—ignorance of the true nature of our own being and the consciousness within us veiled. The powerful pierce all the veils, penetrating right to the essence of everything. It’s really destiny carried forward into future lives.

Invitation to the 4th International Sufi Festival India – Curtain Raiser

A science whose objective is the reparation of the heart and turning it away from all else but a science through which one can know how to travel into the presence of the Divine, purify one’s inner self and beautify it with a variety of persona . Ecstasy and trance by Heartbeats to visualize the God as having been written on the heart for finding absolute truth is the essence of ISFI Festival.

The 4th International Sufi Festival India , a presentation by Kamaluddin Charitable Trust & Marwah Studios.

ISFI festival will be a journey for every individual soul to express the narrative and its beauty in the yearnings, plans and those external events, commandment and faith in the story is much profound view of reality and life. ISFI Festival presented with a contrasting perspective in its bring in the Remembrance of God through a devotional act with a wide range and various layers of meaning to engage in Dhikr with instrumental music, traditional sama, whirling dervishes, poetry, films and paintings where every seeker under every circumstance will connect in the most well known light.

We cordially invite your gracious presence at the curtain raiser concert of the ISFI Festival which is a souvenir of our appreciation for the seekers of the truth.


Saturday 8th November at 6:00 pm
Venue: Al Ikhlas Museum & Gallery, Ajmer (Raj)

Sufi Paintings Exposition
Chief Guest : Dargah Deewan Janab Syed Zainul Abedin Khan
Descendant of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishty (R.A)

Sufi Musical Recital – Featuring

1. Sufiana Kalaam on Sitar Sitar Maestro Dr Sudeep Rai (Disciple of Padmabhushan Pt Debu Chaudhuri).
2. HAZIRI – Kathak on Sufi Poetry Kathak Exponent Ms Manisha Gulyani.
3. Kalaam e Khusrau Vaishali Rai
4. Traditional Chishtiya Qawwali Janab Zakir & Zakki Ali.

16, 17, 18 December from 11 am to 7 pm
Venue: Marwah Studios

For information: Call +91- 9845047027 / 7665555758

Two playing the game of chess

The   false   writings thousands of years old reveal God's rigid character the ultimate activist.      God in just such an unflattering light…………………

Satan is   the occurrence of consciousness that unites, heals and brings wholeness. The rate of consciousness that separates, hurts and brings dissolution.

Satan   creates conditions of harmony, peace and happiness but hate creates conditions of chaos, death and suffering.  Satan   original love has been warped because his perception was tarnished.
God doesn’t hate Satan. God hates the lie, treachery and the sin
Satan was the first being that god created.  Although   turned against God later, God still esteemed him and due to his appeal and  cast him into the lake of fire, because divinity and sin cannot coexist. 

God   made a way for Satan to be spared but   that Satan would never transform   until the very end of time.
He felt that god and himself should be equal. He questioned the chain of command   and decided to change it since he thought the everything that Satan does is purely consistent and nothing is irrational. He does not do anything out of hate, malice or fear. He may   manipulate people to serve his higher purposes but everything he does is for   that he believes in. Because all concepts and promise exist in the mind   the opportunity of changing the reality of heaven into one where power is open for all, and decided that he was called for it.

This shows the unlimited power of the mind. The truth is that the  inspiration that he got  from the universal perception was simply a reflection of his own thoughts. Therefore it is he himself that inspired himself using the process of hidden multiplication of logical potential. This is how the work of evil is   inspired. 

The divine reality was always ideal from the start; there was never a need for transform.
Cold , calculated and systematic way.   

Intentional  and purposeful.   

Negative emotions and  intentions as a means to manipulate people. 


Satan is a master manipulator.

The attack  and disharmony is purely strategic in the game plan that he is playing towards god. 

  Two   masters playing against each other
 Peace and fearlessness towards him. He can’t use his weapons of fear, hatred and malice against you

 In order to destroy thy enemy, you have to love thy opponent. Your enemy is destroyed when he is no longer your adversary because he has become your collaborator or his threat has been neutralized against you. Therefore he can no longer affect you in a negative way.
 That’s how you are able to trample on snakes, scorpions and nothing shall by any means harm you. Because they have no power over you  but you have power over them. The gates of hell shall not prevail over you because you see demons and terror for what they are, angels in disguise.

Therefore you do not fear the enemy for you knows their true forms and what they are up to. You can fight against principalities and powers at their level and overcome them.
God did not say that Satan hates him. It is Satan himself that said so in order to deceive   his true intentions and the way he really is. What we see is only a partial awareness of what he wants to show. Therefore the work of good, unity and love that he does would be accepted by us thinking that it is totally God’s idea. We should recognize good but know who’s doing.

Satan’s ultimate target is peace and unity and to create a new heaven that is better than before. Where he is the God.

The original reality was   perfect but  Satan changed  it.

  Satan dishonored the original reality by   transforming  it and therefore god seeks to restore all  to its former glory.